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Will Kirk

I started being coached by Terry in February 2018 and his coaching has really helped me move up a level in Triathlon. Having had a couple of near misses in Age Group Championship races in the past, in 2018 I won the ETU European Sprint Distance Triathlon championships and got silver at the ETU European Middle Distance Championships (both M20-24), alongside two national relay titles with my race team. This year I won the British AG Championships (M25-29) and am working to be in my best shape for the ITU Age Group World Championships at the end of the year. I have also improved my results in domestic draft legal elite racing and have run PBs at 5k (15’51) and 10k (33’01) so far this season.

A consistent training programme, tailored to what I need to work on, has helped to make me a faster and stronger athlete. A focus on high quality sessions has also really worked for me and has enabled me to fit training around a full-time job. With Terry as coach, and access to great sessions at the Lido on Tuesday’s and the track on Thursday, I can trust and enjoy the process. This means that I definitely go into each race with a lot more confidence than previous seasons, which has really benefitted my results.

Katee Hui

I decided to take up triathlon in the football off-season as a way of staying fit throughout the summer. Come the end of summer I was torn between football and tri. I had an initial call with Terence to see if he thought the two sports were compatible. He came back to me with a solid plan that managed to balance them both. 


Terence as a coach has been transformational for me. He is invested in you for the long haul. Whether he’s helping you push past psychological barriers that affect training or taking you through the paces with training blocks, he tailors a programme unique to you as a person. That includes acknowledging life commitments and work and balancing training around these. Over the last 8 months I've been working with Terence, I’ve PBed in a 70.3, shaving 27 mins off my previous time, and have become a much better cyclist, swimmer and runner.  The gains are felt across the board too. On the bike, my FTP went from 150-190. I remember running my fastest ever half marathon .. in a training run, going from 1h54 to 1hr46. And previously I'd never managed to run 5km faster than the 22 minute mark, and last week I ran 20m19. I unreservedly recommend him as a coach, I feel lucky to have him! 

Cally Masters Open Water Relay Teams

Several of the Cally Masters swimmers have started to enter open-water swimming events as relay teams. We have won events such as the Humdinger 6 hour event in Reading and the Swim Solstice 3 hour event in Surrey. Last year we travelled to Italy for the Lago d'Orta 27km swim and our teams finished first and second.

This year we took two teams of three to the 26km Lake Zurich Marathon Swim. This is a prestigious race and places in the event are highly sought-after. Each team-member swims for an hour at a time before changing over. One of our teams finished in first place and set a new record for relay teams with wetsuits. We finished the swim in 5 hours 49 minutes taking 6 minutes off the record that had stood for 14 years. Our other team finished in third place, close behind the second-placed team. This success has undoubtedly been fostered in our pool-based training sessions with Terry. We have all swum together in the same lane and have been consistently pushed by Terry's sessions which have developed our endurance and stamina whilst also maintaining our top-end speed; this has been invaluable in developing pacing awareness and speed that can be held for the different distances and times that are needed in open-water events. His varied sessions have ensured that we have progressed as a group and inspired us to take on (and win) new challenges.

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Gesine Junker

I have been training since three years now with Terry, who has guided me expertly from my first sprint triathlons to age group championships and middle distance events. Training with Terry is pretty straight forward and not for the faint hearted – working effectively and efficiently your ass off creates good race results! The work with Terry is of a grown-up athlete relationship, which requires a level of own judgement and involves minimal hand-holding while at the same time profiting from Terry’s long experience in setting the right priorities.

I enjoy Terry’s swim sets the most, as they are always very varied and never get boring, turning me from an aquaphob into a swimming lover. Coming from a running background, I was also astonished with the running progress I have made with only two run sets a week, resulting in new PB’s over every distance in my 40’s!

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Having been inspired (yet also regularly bored stiff) by my uncle Adrian (one of Terry’s athletes and a highly accomplished age-group triathlete with numerous top-ten finishes in the age-group World ITU series) I decided to take the plunge and delve into the world of triathlon. After a few average races in 2017, I moved from triathlon to the ötillö swimrun series; an odd decision given that, at that time, I was not a very confident swimmer and the ötillö series involves a high degree of open water swimming often in very tough condiitons. Unabashed, I soldiered on until, following a very poor swim performance in ötillö sprint – 1000 Lakes in Germany, I realised I needed some professional guidance. Following my uncle’s counsel (for the first time ever) I contacted Terry.


In September 2018 Terry and I sat down and mapped out my 2019 season goals and discussed exactly what I was looking to achieve, and (as importantly) what was realistic given I work full-time and often work long hours. Over the course of six months, Terry sent to me on a weekly basis, individualised weekly training programmes tailored specifically to address my goals and weaknesses. Each programme is session specific (the programme details exactly what needs to be done) and each session focuses on a specific attribute (technique, speed, endurance, stamina etc.). Under Terry’s guidance I vastly improved my swimming technique, speed and confidence and significantly increased my running speed and overall stamina. Terry is a pleasure to work with; he somehow manages to incorporate a high level of enjoyment into a serious and focused training programme that achieves results. I went from being an under confident open water swimmer to winning the ötillö Isles of Scilly – sprint race, which wouldn’t have been possible without Terry. Highly recommended.

Daniel Lampard

Cally Masters Swim Club

Terry is our main coach at Cally Masters. His sessions are widely enjoyed by the swimmers at the club who appreciate how they are designed to improve our technique, fitness, endurance and speed across all of the strokes. The sessions are hugely varied; we have never repeated the same session in all of the time that he has coached us! The sessions incorporate technique drills, sprint work, distance swims, pacing, heart-rate sets, and starts and turns.

The sets are extremely carefully planned both in terms of individual sessions and across seasons.

Our swimmers have had a huge amount of success in pool swimming and in open-water events at which there have been several events where we have filled the podium!

Cassandra Stevenson

I’ve competed in triathlons for a number of years, but when I registered for my first Ironman race I knew I would need a coach to help me get my training in order. Terry was recommended to me by another seasoned triathlete and I’m really glad that I decided to work with him.

My training was complicated by a number of external factors. To begin with, I suffered from several running injuries. Terry was great at understanding my injuries and adapting my training program accordingly. Additionally, I moved overseas a few months before my race and Terry remained great at communicating, helping me get in touch with other athletes overseas and adjusting my training to accommodate my new circumstances. Furthermore, my understanding of endurance race nutrition when I started training was very basic, and Terry’s advice in this respect was invaluable.

I appreciate Terry’s in-depth triathlon knowledge which has its foundations in science, and at the same time extremely practical.

Nils Young

I have been training with Terry since he started at Cally Masters; I have also attended other swimming sessions with him, particularly the Tuesday Parliament hill lido sessions, and have also benefited from a session of core-work. My swimming has hugely improved under Terry’s guidance due to his thorough and thoughtful sessions which work on all aspects of swimming technique and fitness. I always enjoy the challenge of Terry’s sets and feel inspired to complete them as well as I can. His coaching has enabled me to become stronger and more able to hold my form and speed over distance and I am really grateful for this.

Sam Pink

Terry is awesome, because like the best coaches he tells you the WHEN, HOW, AND WHY, and he shapes it all to your circumstances. We started working together over 10 years ago, I now have two boys and a demanding job, and never has Terry said that something isn’t possible, he just makes it possible.

Marcus Hale

I got hooked on triathlon during my very first season and an age group champion friend of mine said that it might be worth talking to his then coach about working together. Having a coach seemed over the top for a newbie, but I agreed to make a call. From my very first conversation with Coach Terry, it was clear that he was passionate about the sport, knew how to get maximum performance out of people (within the limits of their own natural abilities), and would provide a unique training plan to help me achieve my own personal goals. Since that initial chat he has guided me through the world of triathlon (and marathon training) to achieve results that I never dreamed possible. Whether I am laying out next season, don’t understand a specific training set, need advice on balancing the stresses of travelling a lot for work with a full training schedule, have questions related to equipment, want to dissect my race performance, am struggling with nutrition or feeling under the weather, or generally just need a kick up the backside, Coach Terry is there to give his advice, feedback and support.


He convinced me early on to focus on middle (half) distance racing, following my first ever IRONMAN 70.3 race (and triathlon season!) in 2014, which took me a painful 6hrs 45mins to complete. Since then I’ve gone on to finish another 9 middle distance races, achieve a PB of 5hrs 9mins in 2017, and qualify for the 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in South Africa. The goal for this season is to record a sub-5hr finish and I know Coach Terry will help me to achieve it!

Karla Lee

I'm a tri enthusiast, who needs goals and training plans to keep me training when life gets busy.  Terry creates ideal training plans for me that fit into my busy life, boost my enthusiasm and get me to the finish line of events I previously could not even have dreamt about!

Graeme Acheson

I have worked with Terry over the past 2 years during the 16/17 and 17/18 seasons.

His detailed advice and periodical training plans have helped enormously in pushing me to improve my abilities and in making sure I am good shape come race day. In under a year he took me from a fairly average age group competitor to qualifying for my first Elite race and a vastly improved and competitive performance in the World Championships in Rotterdam 2017 - both achievements I was incredibly pleased and proud with.


I would thoroughly recommend him to any and all athletes looking to improve their performances.

Alice Pink



Terry coached me through my first marathon last year.  He took the time to understand my level of ability and time available for training, and devised a weekly plan that not only worked to my schedule but also found pockets of time for training I hadn’t considered before.  He supported me throughout the training and when I was feeling less confident about being able to complete the race he reassured me.  I literately couldn’t have got through it without him. On race day, I felt that Terry was with me every step of the way, and finished in a time I was really proud of. I would whole-heartedly recommend Terry’s coaching

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