Tuesday swimming (winter) 7pm
Tuesday swimming (summer) 7pm
Thursday running 6:45 pm
  • Tuesday swimming: 


- From September until the end of April swimming is at the City of London School for girls, London EC2A. It's a one hour fitness session designed for those wishing to improve their swim performance (we do work on technique but participants should be able to swim at least 400 continuous metres of front crawl). Pull buoys, paddles and fins are essential tools and if you have them, bring them. 


- Cost: £15 per session, £10 per session if you pay for a continuous block of 8, or £12 per session, for a continuous block of 4. Please contact info@triforfitness.co.uk to reserve your place. 


- From May until the end of August swimming is at Parliament Hill Lido, London NW5. This is a ninety minute fitness session, designed to get you ready for the race season.


- Cost: £15 for 90 minutes. Advance booking is not required, but preferential rates are available for those who book and pay for the four month season. 

  • Thursday night running: 

- I coach a track session for my athletes and members of Tri London every Thursday evening at Parliament Hill track, NW5. In the winter the sessions focus on longer distances and building fitness base, in the spring and summer the focus is on getting athletes race ready. It's a friendly session and runners of all abilities are welcome. 

- Cost: coached athletes are only required to pay the track entrance fee.


September to April swimming

City of London School for Girls
St. Giles' Terrace
London EC2Y 8BB

May to August swimming, and all running

Parliament Hill Lido and running track

Hampstead Heath, Highgate, London NW5 1NA