I work with a wide range of athletes, from beginners looking to complete their first triathlon or open water swim through to seasoned aged group and ironman triathIetes aiming to qualify for World championships.

Training programmes are based around your goals, the time you have available to train, and your input and feedback. Whether you are looking for an annual, monthly or weekly training plan, or a 'one to one' personal training session, I can help. The first step would be to sit down and discuss your goals, the time you have available and your current training/fitness. 



Coaching Services:

• One to One Swim, Bike, Run and Strength and Conditioning sessions: 60 mins sessions which focus on technique development, fitness enhancement and/or testing.

• Annual planning: designing a periodised training plan to guide you to reaching your goals. Your annual training programme is broken down into more manageable parts; mesocycles: base, pre-competition, competition and recovery training and microcycles: weekly training prescription presented as daily training sessions.

• Weekly coaching prescription: Daily training sessions sent to you each week in advance via email. 

Specific tasks I can help you with:

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals for training and racing

  • Fitness testing: V02max and Maximum heart rate testing.

  • Fast transitions: Mounting and dismounting your bike with shoes attached to the bike pedals.

  • Technical analysis: swim stroke technique, cycling position, pedalling efficiency and running biomechanics.

  • Sport Psychology: strategies such as imagery use, optimal concentration and anxiety regulation. 

  • Nutrition: advice and prescription for healthy eating and optimal nutrition.

  • Wetsuit fitting: to reduce drag and ensure maximum stroke efficiency in open water.

  • Strength and conditioning prescription and advice: building a strong and stable core to increase strength, power and muscular endurance and reduce your risk of injury.

Pricing Options

Complete Training Plan: This includes an annual planning meeting and goal setting; a weekly individual coaching plan, and email or phone contact. It can also include fitness testing and/or nutritional / psychological / strength and conditioning advice. £70 per calendar month


One to One Training Option: This is a 1 hour session to focus on one discipline: swim / bike / run / strength and conditioning. The aim is to develop technique, fitness or strength. £50 per session

Bespoke Training Option: A training programme designed according to your exceptional or specific needs and requirements. For example, training focused on building and improving on a specific weakness. Price to be agreed according to training prescription requirements.